Tuesday, January 29, 2008

American Made by Sharat Raju



Today I watched the movie "American Made" on PBS's show "Independent Lens", written and directed by Sharat Raju, who also participated in Divided We Fall.

Excellent half-hour movie. Check it out next time it's on PBS, or get the DVD.

I think the older son's role is somewhat shallow. But I think it was an attempt at some comedy.

The younger son's acting really reflects genuine conflicts and responses among the demands of a minority religion and culture on the one hand and the demands of the majority culture in the United States. Reading from the Sikh scriptures a passage condemning religious ostentation, he questions why his father should maintain his turban and beard despite the difficulties society imposes on them as a result. This questions is not satisfactorily resolved in a short 30-minute film, but it does present clearly and attractively the dynamics of the family's interaction.

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