Monday, October 13, 2014

The Africans: A Triple Heritage by Ali A Mazrui

Professor Ali Al-Amin Mazrui died today.

Here is a trailer for the episode about him in a series examining the lives of African intellectuals. The same YouTube user has published interviews with Professor Ali.

His documentary "The Africans: A Triple Heritage" was broadcast on United States public television. It was my first introduction to African studies. I particularly remember an image of Professor Ali atop a rusted industrial facility decrying the prevailing ideas of industrialization and development. There are some clips on YouTube.

Use Worldcat to find the DVD or VHS tape in a library near you. I could not find a source to purchase the video. I couldn't even find a torrent for it. He did author a book by the same name.

رحمه الله 

Updated 2014-Nov-3. The International Institute of Islamic Thought produced in tribute to Professor Ali a slide show, a biography, a collection of photos on Flickr and a document entitled Professor Ali Mazrui's Relationship with IIIT. There is a also a Facebook page.