Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Media for the Deaf and Blind

Do our masajid practice ableism? In my practice of Islam, I think being deaf would be one of the greatest barriers to performing religious rituals such as hearing and reciting the Qur'an and listening to the Jumu`a khutba. Some Muslims are striving to provide services to the blind and deaf:

Kitaba: Islamic Texts for the Blind
is a social enterprise community project dedicated to empowering and promoting the growth and wellbeing of visually impaired Muslims and their communities through meeting their religious, educational and developmental needs, thereby advancing accessibility and awareness.

ISNA Co-Sponsors Conference to Make Mosques More Inclusive to Deaf Community
(Jan 13, 2012) As a part of ISNA's ongoing efforts to provide quality education to the community about Islam and create environments in our mosques and Islamic centers that are inclusive and empowering to all, ISNA co-sponsored the Deaf Muslim Family conference last weekend in Virginia.  Current and past ISNA Presidents Imam Mohamed Magid and Dr. Ingrid Mattson both attended the event, organized by Global Deaf Muslim, and have been very active in their own communities to make them more inclusive.
I have not used any of the materials or services provided by the organizations referenced in this blog entry.