Monday, September 21, 2015

Review: From Makka to Las Vegas: Critical Theories in Architecture and Sanctity by Ali Abd al-Ra`uf

Yomna al-Saeed wrote a review in English of an Arabic book. The review was published at on September 21, 2015. The book's title is

 من مكة إلى لاس ڤيجاس
أطروحات نقدية في العمارة و القداسة

which I've translated to From Makka to Las Vegas: Critical Theories in Architecture and Sanctity. Its author is علي عبد الرؤوف Ali Abd al-Ra'uf. It was published in 2014.

You can use to see if the book is in a library near you. I haven't found it in a US bookstore. It is sold at, which I've used in the past. There's a copy on

Below I'm embedding a few social media comments on this book.

I have not read it.

The author Ali Abd al-Ra'uf has a public Facebook account which you can follow.

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