Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Videos from Hena Ashraf

More videos from Hena Ashraf, who has been featured on this blog.

From DCTV: “LIFE Camp is a effective intervention program that teaches at-risk youth in Queens to become strong leaders and responsible entrepreneurs. If it weren’t for this program, many of the members believe they would be dead or in jail.”

City: Queens, NY

Tara Delaine is scared to read The Wave, the local newspaper in her Far Rockaway, Queens community, because everyday there are new reports of shootings. She fears that one of these days a friend or family member will appear on the front page as yet another victim of gun violence in her neighborhood.

PC vs Mac: Dance-off edition
Culture Clash presents another video from PC vs Mac. This time they bring a battle of dancehall vs b-boying

PC vs Mac: Dance-off edition from Hena Ashraf on Vimeo.